Women ask ” How do I achieve and maintain Salon Quality hair at home?”

Ladies, do you want that salon look for weeks to come after your visit to the salon?  We hear this time and time again from clients “why doesn’t my hair look the same when I try to style it at home?”  First thing we need to remember is to always purchase salon quality styling products to ensure the longevity of your style is achievable and maintained!  Our favorites are Techni Art by L’oreal Professionnel offering a wide variety of styling products from priming the hair, all the way to finishing your look!

The reason most looks are not maintained after leaving the salon is lack of product and knowledge of how the product works.   First it is best to start with a great shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is receiving the proper nourishment for your hair type!  Next what you want to do is analyze what type of hair you are working with and what your desired outcome is.  Start by priming the hair with some form of heat protection.  Once you have applied a primer, you will want to consider your styling products whether it be a mousse, volumizing spray or curl cream.  Just a dime size ladies is all you need!  Blowout your style using a round brush if adding volume or a flat brush if smoothing out for a flat liner look.  When hair is dry and styled then you are going to want to complete the look with a great finishing spray to ensure the look is maintained all day long no matter what you’ve got going on!


Here are some product recommendations for you ladies from our favorite Techni Art line by L’oreal Professionnel!


Liss Control is a soft cream to help tame frizzy, out of control locks.  Add a dime size to towel dried hair from mid-shaft through to ends avoiding the roots to prevent the hair from being weighed down or having a greasy look.  This product is lightly scented and gentle on the hair while providing anti-frizz protection for up to 24 hours!

Full Volume is a strong hold mousse that lasts all day long.  Looking for that extra boost in your voluminous look?  Try Full Volume by adding to towel dried hair post primer application.  Shake the bottle and tip upside down, adding 1 or 2 mandarin sized amounts to your hand applying to the hair roots to end evenly.  Blow dry with a round brush and watch your look transform into a gorgeous smooth and voluminous celebrity worthy style!  This product can be used on even the finest of hair types.  Always keep in mind that less is more and you can always increase the amount but too much can leave the hair sticky and heavy.

To finish off your look and ensure it lasts all day, try Fix Anti-Frizz finishing spray!  An anti-humidity, anti-frizz protection spray which acts like a real anti-static “shield” for unique and long-lasting anti-frizz protection, even in extreme climatic conditions. Long-lasting strong hold and no residue this finishing spray is sure to deliver results!


From Prime to finish, those are some of our top pics to help you achieve and maintain salon results in your own home!!

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