The History of Balayage

Alright Ladies, this month we have decided to give you a quick history lesson on one of our favorite colour techniques, “The Balayage!” This will include its history, when it was introduced in the US and how it compares to your regular “Foil Highlights.”

Balayage, a.k.a “sweep away” originated at the exclusive gorgeous “Carita” Salon in Paris in the early 70’s making a huge name for itself with it’s beautiful and effortless sun kissed look. While it may look simple to achieve, it takes a well trained eye to understand the hairs texture, movement and “random” colour placement necessary to create this look.


In the 70’s, this technique was originally called “Balayage a Coton” for it’s use of cotton strips to separate the coloured hair from the untouched portion. It was introduced during the time when our industry norm was frosting caps and solid colours, making the Balayage technique truly revolutionary for its time! In the 80’s the industry introduced many varieties of foil highlighting techniques and it wasn’t actually until the early 90’s that Balayage first entered the US by storm grabbing the attention of top celebrities and became one of the hottest colour trends to date!

It seems to me that most clients that highlight their hair on a regular are almost afraid of stepping in to the world of balayage as it is something “new” to them and may seem like a big change. Ladies, here are some great reasons as to why Balayage is our top choice for highlights over the Foil technique! When the hair is sectioned and “weaved or sliced” in to a foil, the whole section is saturdated in colour giving it a dense, uniform effect which gives it an unnatural appearance. Within weeks we start to see our regrowth or our “line of demarcation” and it seems we are due for a retouch.


By using the Balayage technique it is softly hand painted on the surface of the hair, leaving you with natural-looking swipes of colour going from thick to thin and play off of the hairs natural movement. By choosing Balayage, you can go months without retouching and it just gives that free flowing, untouched look. It can be done with any variety of colours making it flexible for your wants and needs and makes it more manageable for your wallets ladies! A little something to think about before booking your next colour service.


When booking your next colour service, what will YOU choose?

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