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Your look book for Top 10 Everything to do with Weddings List 2014

So it’s that time of year again and wedding season is in full effect! Blushing Brides, Eager Grooms and Joyful Families come together to celebrate the union of two lovers ready to share the rest of their lives as one unit. What better time then summer to really explore with color options as well as venues, hair styles and centre pieces?! This year in fashion and decor “Anything Goes” really is the way to go my friends. Brides wearing untraditional gowns, weddings becoming more vibrant and chromatic. We have it all right here on all sides of the spectrum, from wedding on a budget to bold and daring! From simple and sweet to chic and classic! For the romantic in you or the edgy high fashion type, we ensure you will enjoy what we have chosen as todays best! We bring you some of the hottest summer wedding trends for 2014, from hair and makeup to gowns and flower arrangements, color schemes, themes, venues and more! Here are what we thought to be this years Top 10 Everything to do with Weddings List!

Top 10 Wedding Gowns!

beachweddingdress5traddress6blaskdressdress1dress2 dress8 dress7

Top 10 Bridal HairStyles

floralfashionforward gorg hair4 hair5 hair6 hair8 hair9 shorthair simplybeautiful

Top 10 Bouquets!

flowers flowers1 flowers2 flowers3 flowers4 flowers5 flowers7 flowers8 flowers9 large_image

Top 10 Center Pieces!

flowers6 bircage onabudget original romantic1 simple elegant simple simplebeach vibrant wino

Top 10 Colour Schemes/Themes!

backyard barn bechy boldcolors bright country destination fairytale gardenparty midnightkiss

Top 10 Bridal Makeups!

beachy beachybold boldbride pretty open prettypurple simpledelicate smokey thoseeyes ya yuppo


Top 10 Wedding Venues!

enchantedforest island islander oldbarn outdoor venue venue1 violet beach whitewedding yuppers

Top 10 Places to Honeymoon!

beach damn maldives rockies santorini top-honeymoon-destinations-bellagio_596x334 top-honeymoon-destinations-camino-real-acapulco_596x334 top-honeymoon-destinations-fairmont-chateau_596x334 venice yeds


Top 10 Wedding Cake Designs!

bluecake cake cool crazy cute gold hishers nice purple velvet


We hope you love looking through our photos just as much as we loved collecting them and putting them together for you!  Enjoy ladies 😉