Summer Tips for Great Hair!

Noticing changes in your hair during the summer months? Well here are some helpful tips to maintain healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair during those hot summer nights!!

First things first! Ladies, you will definitely want to start your summer off right with a much needed trim! Eliminate those dry, dead, crispy ends and help your hair look fresh and frizz free! When we let our split, dead ends go on for too long our hair eventually breaks, splits up the shaft and just starts to look drab, but by giving it that quick much needed trim we ensure the nutrients dispurse evenly from root to end allowing our hair to grow longer, stronger, healthier and appear fresh and shiny! And let’s face it, this is what we all want, don’t we?

Next, you will want to ensure you are sheilding those locks from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Find a good hair product containing UV sheilds that can help not only block your locks from harmful rays but also moisturize and repair any damage that has already been done. Colour treated hair? Not a problem! Let’s avoid fading and worn out looking color by slapping on some sun screen for the hair! Try using Kerastase Huile Celeste for a spray on protection that helps to eliminate the negative effects of sun damage, Chlorine and salt water while adding shine and moisture!( wearing a wide brimmed hat also helps!)

Before hopping in to any pool or body of water try wetting your hair down with clean natural water first. Saturating your locks will fill the hair strand preventing unwanted saltwater and pool chemicals to absorb into the cuticle therefore preventing long-term damage from the inside out! Try using Colour Fanatic By Pureology! It is a multitasking hair treatment that provides 21 essential benefits to prime, protect and perfect colour treated hair. This amazing leave-in treatment combines an exclusive “AntiFadeComplex” with Fennel Seed Extract and a natural blend of Camelina, Coconut and Olive Oil not only helping to protect and moisturize but also leaves your hair completely nourished and feel FAB!

Try switching to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for those beautiful summer months! All the sun and dehydration from over washing due to sweat and grime leaves our locks dry and thirsty for some TLC! To keep the hair smooth and silky try Pureology’s Hydration line. Their 100% vegan and sulfate free products are not only guilt free but extremely safe and effective and don’t weigh the hair down. That’s right ladies, moisture AND volume. Using a good purifying shampoo once a week can help rid your hair of any unwanted impurities from pool chemicals to salt water and sweat. Try Pureology’s Purify line for a gentle way to cleanse those tresses without any added stresses!

Avoid as many hot tools on the hair as possible! This can help prevent extra damage and drying out of the hair as well. Since it’s summer and we can get away with it, try some loose braids or twisting your hair into a bun to dry or even let it all hang loose and wild. Allowing the hair to dry naturally can help save the integrity of those beautiful lengths! For additional frizz relief and added moisture, try using some healing oils for the hair such as Pureology’s Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil! Not only will this product restore managability, it equalizes your hairs porosity making it feel soft and lush but also replenishes the protective lipid layer meanwhile protecting your colour vibrancy and adding gorgeous shine!

And last but not least, always remember to stay well hydrated and always stick to healthy nutrition as great health and beauty starts from within! 😉 Stay Fabulous Girls!!

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