Men ask ” Which product is best for me and how much should I use?”

Working in a salon, you hear this question often when men are considering buying products used on them by their stylist. “How much product should I use?”  Well gentlemen, we are here to help!!  As always it’s best to first analyze your hair. Is your hair thick, thin, coarse or soft? Next you have to ask, what is your desired look?  Do you want a mat finish, a wet look, slicked back, messy or effortless?

I always say “start with just a pea size of any product and learn your hair!”  Just like the old saying goes ” less is more.”  For finer, thinner hair you always want to use less product so you don’t have the weight of the product holding your style down from being fierce and sexy!  If your hair is medium density and a little more on the thicker fuller side then you are definitely going to want to up your product amount.  Remember to ALWAYS START WITH LESS!  you can always add more product, but adding too much again will weigh you down and you may even feel like you need to wash and start again ( and really, who has time for that?).   If you have extremely coarse and thick hair then again up your product amount!

Here are some Product recommendations from our top choice mens line Homme by L’oreal Professionnel!


Poker Paste is a strong hold matte finish styling paste for all of your spiking needs!  Have a faux hawk or a classic messy short look, then this product is perfect for you!  A dime size or less is all you need.  This product is good for all hair types and can be used on dry or damp hair.  A little bit of this product goes a long way men, so be sparing when styling!

Strong is exactly what is claims to be, a strong hold gel with an enticing fragrance and a gloss finish!  If you have a delicious comb over or slicked back style, then Strong by L’oreal Homme is perfect for you!  This product can also be used on any hair type as well as on damp or dry hair.  A pea size is all you need and apply to the hair evenly.  Strong will hold up your style all day long!

4 Mat is a medium hold mat finish styling paste that can give just that right amount of hold to any effortless style!  Used on all hair types and damp or dry hair, this fantastic paste can really just tie in your whole look with less than a dime sized amount!  Allowing for shape and versatility withing your style, this product is sure to meet all of your styling needs.

Last but not least,Sculpte Fiber Paste is best for medium to fine hair and gives a light hold to any tousled look.  If you want to have that “organized chaos” look then this product is definitely your pick, adding a light hold to give depth and texture to any style!


So gentlemen, hopefully this helps give you some ideas as what products are best for your desired styles as well as how much is suggested to achieve and maintain that gorgeous salon style!

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