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Prom Hair Inspiration 2014

Sure, you can easily place a headband on top of your prom style but there are nicer ways of bringing something extra to it. If you’re looking to add an accessory to your hair style, try incorporating it INTO the ‘do’. Creating a hair style; whether an up do or simple curls, and bringing you accessory of choice into the style, making it look apart of the look is what makes a beautiful accent, rather than just placing something on top and hoping it may work, this usually makes a style look unfinished.  This stylin’ look combines sexy curls with a touch of retro for a brand new ‘do for your prom of 2014. Even if all you’re looking to do is throw some loose curls for a romantic look, work something a little extra into the mix, for example this photo shows a headband worn over top the head, with the flower place to the heavier side for focus and the other side wrapped into the band to a create a simple side sweep. This style will work for most necklines, and by adding a simple touch, you create a unique look of your own. So give it a try, take your accessory and think of different ways to WEAR it.

-clb team