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WHY NOT USE BOXS COLOUR??1) Unpredictable Results
Let’s face it, most of you box color users out there did not attend cosmetology school, and are lacking what we in the business call the “laws of color.” You probably aren’t sure exactly what color your hair is when the color is processing, or when to take off the color to achieve your most desired result. You probably don’t know what colors to …mix to cancel out undesired tones in your hair, and we don’t expect you to. But, because of these reasons box color is more like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

2) One Size Does Not Fit All
So, let’s think about this logically. Box color is formulated so that everyone and anyone can use it, but not everyone’s hair type, condition or color is even remotely the same. In fact, most box dyes are formulated with maximum amounts of pigment and developer, so that it is able to work on most people. The chances are if you have already dyed your hair previously, your processed hair isn’t going to need that strong of a developer; don’t damage it more by getting one size fits all, box color. You do not want this ‘one size fits all’ mentality when choosing your hair color, give yourself customization and expert knowledge, and seek a hair professional who will be able to accurately create a color for you and only YOU!

3) Regrowth Troubles
Again, you probably thought your regrowth would look like the rest of your head because that’s what the pretty lady on the box looks like, right? WRONG! I know this may seem repetitive, but it’s all about the ability to customize. Your regrowth is virgin hair, and the remainder of your head is more than likely already processed, or has seen some damage due to UV exposure or styling. Think you can pair up a good box color for your regrowth and pair it with the right box color for the rest of your hair without look like two different colors? Didn’t think so, leave it to the professionals.

4) Box Color Is Only One Color
This idea ties in both Number 2 and Number 3. We already know that your regrowth will need a different color formulation than the rest of your head, but how about when you want some actual dimension? Or how about if you want a hair color that takes a little more skill than an all over color application, like the much sought after, ombre look? You will not be able to achieve that with the onne color present in a box. Note: Most hairdressers never use less than 2 different colors to mix your desired color – customization!

5) ammonia
As an ammonia-free hair color company, this is an issue near and dear to our hearts. Most permanent hair color from a box works through the use of ammonia. The corrosive nature of ammonia allows it to blast open your hair’s cuticle, allowing the new color particles to penetrate the hair, and irreversibly changing the hair’s pH to an undesirable level. When the hair’s cuticle has been blasted open with ammonia it has difficulty closing back up. Think about it, an unclosed cuticle means major damage/split ends and inability for the hair to lock in color (fading). And guess what? The more you use ammoniated color, the more your hair will fade, causing you to dye your hair more often, causing hair and wallet distress. Not to mention that ammonia damages the hair’s natural Tyrosine levels; Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid that makes up the protein in your hair and is responsible for the natural pigment. Hey, that’s not all! Ammonia damages your scalp’s sebaceous oil glands, inhibiting its ability to create the hair’s natural oils that contribute to your hair’s much needed moisture. Remember this formula for healthy hair: Protein + Moisture + Proper pH, and what did we just learn? Oh, yeah, ammonia destroys the balance of all of those essential components of your hair.

6) High Levels of PPDs
Recall, we said that box colors contain superfluous amounts of pigment and developer. What does that mean for you? Well, the pigment we are referring to is the pigment necessary for all PERMANENT hair color, PPD, also known as p- phenylenediamine, and many other derivatives that are just as harmful. Unfortunately, box color has an excessive amount of PPDs, causing an increase in allergies worldwide, as more and more individuals are dying their hair. hair dye Allergies are on the rise, causing unsightly reactions and in some cases, fatality. What’s worse? You may not be allergic to PPD this time, but with continued high exposure to this chemical you can become sensitive at any time! It is advised to seek out a permanent hair color line with low PPD and no derivatives, so that likelihood for an allergic reaction is significantly decreased.

7) Metallic Salts
There are still box dyes on the market today that use Metallic Salts, an ingredient used in hair color since the 1800s. You don’t use Candlestick Phones from the 1890s, right? Why not think the same way with your hair and treat yourself to some innovation. Metallic salts build up on the hair causing each time you use that box dye or Henna (the supposed natural hair color) for your hair to darken past your desired result. Not to mention that if you ever want to go lighter, Metallic Salts are difficult to remove for even the most savvy hairdresser (we’ve seen lots of smoke and smells, it’s not pretty). What’s worse? The building up of the Metallic Salts will over time begin to make the hair feel hard to the touch.
That $10 Box Color Won’t Feel That Affordable After a $300+ Color Correction
So, you decided not to listen to the other 7 reasons because you still think you know best. Well, orange you the hair expert? We say orange, because that is often the color your hair will turn when attempting to color (especially lighten) with box color. Do your hair and wallet a favor, don’t spend $10 on box color, and then $300+ on a color correction.

If you need more information about this please let us know or contact our store Char Le Blanc Salon & Spa

Tips for more Volume

This post is for all of us who are continually frustrated with flat and lifeless hair.

Volume 1. Switch to a lighter conditioner: heavier conditioners may weigh your hair down and may simply not be right for your hair texture. Ask your Char Le Blanc Salon stylist which kind is right for you– I know, I know, it might mean having to depart from your favorite island-getaway-smelling conditioner, BB’s Creme de Coco– but there’s certainly an array of lighter conditioners like Thickening for volume and detangling or Let it Shine for some shimmer and they both smell lovely, too.

 2. Pat down your hair or air-dry (a little) before you blow dry. All this takes is time, or blow drying to a lower heat setting. This will help to reduce frizz.

3. When blow drying your hair, apply a body-building product like Styling Creme at your roots. This, along with blow drying with your head upside down, will help you to achieve fullness with the right amount of hold before you style.

 4. Try a round brush: Hate to say it but sometimes you have to work for bouncy, shiny, soft curls.

 We suggest using a medium-sized, boar-bristle round brush, blow out your hair as usual, until it’s about 80 percent dry. Then start rolling sections onto the brush and then flipping it vertical to your head. Hold each section that way and blast with heat from the dryer for several seconds, then pull the brush straight down until the hair slides up and off. What will happen is that you’ll get bouncy bend in your ends, just like Kate–sort of partial ringlets–instead of the curled under or out effect you usually get when rolling hair onto a round brush horizontally.

 5. Don’t be afraid to tease your hair. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t all have such thick and full hair– the ladies here at Char Le Blanc Salon & Spa secretly love teasing their hair.  First, get rid of knots and tangles from hair with natural bristle brush. Use a teasing brush or a flat-backed brush to backcomb sections of hair around the crown of your head 1-2 inches in thickness from the rest of the strands and clip the remaining hair out of the way. You can gather smaller strands for tighter results or larger strands for looser results. Oh, and don’t forget to brush down your hair thoroughly after teasing it, or else you’ll probably look like a lion all day.

 5. Confused? Book in for a 15 minute quick style or tutorial at Char Le Blanc Salon & Spa  with your favorite stylist. Any of our stylist will be happy to help you make sense of these techniques or simply explain quick and easy tips and product recommendations for building and maintaining hair volume.



Did you Know that Hair Changes?

Do you have any of these hair issues?repair-damaged-hair



Little do you know, your biggest hair concerns could be because your hair is aging. We hate to admit it, but things change and not always for the better. It’s not that we mind getting a bit older; it’s that we want to look fabulous doing it.

Here’s why your hair changes.
Just as skin ages, so does your hair. Visible signs of aging hair appear as early as your 20’s.

As you age, issues such as sun damage, chemical processing, coloring, sulfates and hot tool damage become front and center. Hair has less elasticity making it more fragile. The scalp produces less sebum causing dryness and dullness, while thickening of the cuticle makes hair feel wiry, frizzy and coarse. You can lack volume and body as the hair shaft contracts and protein diminishes. Slower growth rates and hormonal changes can cause thinning. You may color more often and need to protect that color.

How can you make sure your hair stays fabulous through your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond?

-Avoid products that are damaging to the hair. This means using sulfate-free shampoos and products with added protection built in.

– Avoid over exposure to the sun as it can breakdown the chemical bonds in hair. Use products that have UV protectors to reduce the risk of damage.

-Keep hair moisturized so that it maintains a healthy elasticity and experiences less breakage. It will also up the shine factor which is always a plus.

We recommand using Pureology Shampoo, Conditionner and Mask!

We sell this line at our salon and our customers swears by it.

Char Le Blanc Salon & Spa

How to have a great hair extension experience


Getting hair extensions can be life-changing. In just a few hours, you can have hair that would take years to grow. There are so many possibilities, and the experience can be amazing. Here are some tips that can make getting hair extensions extra special.

1. Come to your appointment prepared. Make sure your hair is free from any oils and buildup. This will help the extensions stay in securely. Ask any questions and resolve all concerns before the installation process so you feel confident and ready. Bring something to read or watch while your stylist is working. It could last anywhere from half hour to three hours.

2. Use only sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Sulfates are too harsh for extensions. You can read more about the dangers of sulfates here. Your extensions will last much longer if you avoid sulfates.

3. Brush often. Three times a day is recommended, and make sure to be gentle, starting from the tips and working up, always holding the roots with your other hand. This will prevent your hair from matting and tangling.

4. Go to your touch-up appointments. Your hair will grow and take the hair extensions with it. About every 6 to 8 weeks, your stylist will take out your extensions and move them up closer to your scalp. These touch-up appointments are a great time for your stylist to check your hair and look for any signs of damage.

5. Don’t overdo it. It’s okay to give your hair a break. Although extensions are designed to last for a long time, your hair might benefit from a rest for a while if you’ve been wearing extensions non-stop for years. The scary damage seen on TV comes from improper installation and overuse of extensions.

With proper treatment and care, extensions will not be damaging. They’ll be fun, fashionable, and beautiful!