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The History of Balayage

Alright Ladies, this month we have decided to give you a quick history lesson on one of our favorite colour techniques, “The Balayage!” This will include its history, when it was introduced in the US and how it compares to your regular “Foil Highlights.”

Balayage, a.k.a “sweep away” originated at the exclusive gorgeous “Carita” Salon in Paris in the early 70’s making a huge name for itself with it’s beautiful and effortless sun kissed look. While it may look simple to achieve, it takes a well trained eye to understand the hairs texture, movement and “random” colour placement necessary to create this look.


In the 70’s, this technique was originally called “Balayage a Coton” for it’s use of cotton strips to separate the coloured hair from the untouched portion. It was introduced during the time when our industry norm was frosting caps and solid colours, making the Balayage technique truly revolutionary for its time! In the 80’s the industry introduced many varieties of foil highlighting techniques and it wasn’t actually until the early 90’s that Balayage first entered the US by storm grabbing the attention of top celebrities and became one of the hottest colour trends to date!

It seems to me that most clients that highlight their hair on a regular are almost afraid of stepping in to the world of balayage as it is something “new” to them and may seem like a big change. Ladies, here are some great reasons as to why Balayage is our top choice for highlights over the Foil technique! When the hair is sectioned and “weaved or sliced” in to a foil, the whole section is saturdated in colour giving it a dense, uniform effect which gives it an unnatural appearance. Within weeks we start to see our regrowth or our “line of demarcation” and it seems we are due for a retouch.


By using the Balayage technique it is softly hand painted on the surface of the hair, leaving you with natural-looking swipes of colour going from thick to thin and play off of the hairs natural movement. By choosing Balayage, you can go months without retouching and it just gives that free flowing, untouched look. It can be done with any variety of colours making it flexible for your wants and needs and makes it more manageable for your wallets ladies! A little something to think about before booking your next colour service.


When booking your next colour service, what will YOU choose?

Women ask ” How do I achieve and maintain Salon Quality hair at home?”

Ladies, do you want that salon look for weeks to come after your visit to the salon?  We hear this time and time again from clients “why doesn’t my hair look the same when I try to style it at home?”  First thing we need to remember is to always purchase salon quality styling products to ensure the longevity of your style is achievable and maintained!  Our favorites are Techni Art by L’oreal Professionnel offering a wide variety of styling products from priming the hair, all the way to finishing your look!

The reason most looks are not maintained after leaving the salon is lack of product and knowledge of how the product works.   First it is best to start with a great shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is receiving the proper nourishment for your hair type!  Next what you want to do is analyze what type of hair you are working with and what your desired outcome is.  Start by priming the hair with some form of heat protection.  Once you have applied a primer, you will want to consider your styling products whether it be a mousse, volumizing spray or curl cream.  Just a dime size ladies is all you need!  Blowout your style using a round brush if adding volume or a flat brush if smoothing out for a flat liner look.  When hair is dry and styled then you are going to want to complete the look with a great finishing spray to ensure the look is maintained all day long no matter what you’ve got going on!


Here are some product recommendations for you ladies from our favorite Techni Art line by L’oreal Professionnel!


Liss Control is a soft cream to help tame frizzy, out of control locks.  Add a dime size to towel dried hair from mid-shaft through to ends avoiding the roots to prevent the hair from being weighed down or having a greasy look.  This product is lightly scented and gentle on the hair while providing anti-frizz protection for up to 24 hours!

Full Volume is a strong hold mousse that lasts all day long.  Looking for that extra boost in your voluminous look?  Try Full Volume by adding to towel dried hair post primer application.  Shake the bottle and tip upside down, adding 1 or 2 mandarin sized amounts to your hand applying to the hair roots to end evenly.  Blow dry with a round brush and watch your look transform into a gorgeous smooth and voluminous celebrity worthy style!  This product can be used on even the finest of hair types.  Always keep in mind that less is more and you can always increase the amount but too much can leave the hair sticky and heavy.

To finish off your look and ensure it lasts all day, try Fix Anti-Frizz finishing spray!  An anti-humidity, anti-frizz protection spray which acts like a real anti-static “shield” for unique and long-lasting anti-frizz protection, even in extreme climatic conditions. Long-lasting strong hold and no residue this finishing spray is sure to deliver results!


From Prime to finish, those are some of our top pics to help you achieve and maintain salon results in your own home!!

Men ask ” Which product is best for me and how much should I use?”

Working in a salon, you hear this question often when men are considering buying products used on them by their stylist. “How much product should I use?”  Well gentlemen, we are here to help!!  As always it’s best to first analyze your hair. Is your hair thick, thin, coarse or soft? Next you have to ask, what is your desired look?  Do you want a mat finish, a wet look, slicked back, messy or effortless?

I always say “start with just a pea size of any product and learn your hair!”  Just like the old saying goes ” less is more.”  For finer, thinner hair you always want to use less product so you don’t have the weight of the product holding your style down from being fierce and sexy!  If your hair is medium density and a little more on the thicker fuller side then you are definitely going to want to up your product amount.  Remember to ALWAYS START WITH LESS!  you can always add more product, but adding too much again will weigh you down and you may even feel like you need to wash and start again ( and really, who has time for that?).   If you have extremely coarse and thick hair then again up your product amount!

Here are some Product recommendations from our top choice mens line Homme by L’oreal Professionnel!


Poker Paste is a strong hold matte finish styling paste for all of your spiking needs!  Have a faux hawk or a classic messy short look, then this product is perfect for you!  A dime size or less is all you need.  This product is good for all hair types and can be used on dry or damp hair.  A little bit of this product goes a long way men, so be sparing when styling!

Strong is exactly what is claims to be, a strong hold gel with an enticing fragrance and a gloss finish!  If you have a delicious comb over or slicked back style, then Strong by L’oreal Homme is perfect for you!  This product can also be used on any hair type as well as on damp or dry hair.  A pea size is all you need and apply to the hair evenly.  Strong will hold up your style all day long!

4 Mat is a medium hold mat finish styling paste that can give just that right amount of hold to any effortless style!  Used on all hair types and damp or dry hair, this fantastic paste can really just tie in your whole look with less than a dime sized amount!  Allowing for shape and versatility withing your style, this product is sure to meet all of your styling needs.

Last but not least,Sculpte Fiber Paste is best for medium to fine hair and gives a light hold to any tousled look.  If you want to have that “organized chaos” look then this product is definitely your pick, adding a light hold to give depth and texture to any style!


So gentlemen, hopefully this helps give you some ideas as what products are best for your desired styles as well as how much is suggested to achieve and maintain that gorgeous salon style!

Your look book for Top 10 Everything to do with Weddings List 2014

So it’s that time of year again and wedding season is in full effect! Blushing Brides, Eager Grooms and Joyful Families come together to celebrate the union of two lovers ready to share the rest of their lives as one unit. What better time then summer to really explore with color options as well as venues, hair styles and centre pieces?! This year in fashion and decor “Anything Goes” really is the way to go my friends. Brides wearing untraditional gowns, weddings becoming more vibrant and chromatic. We have it all right here on all sides of the spectrum, from wedding on a budget to bold and daring! From simple and sweet to chic and classic! For the romantic in you or the edgy high fashion type, we ensure you will enjoy what we have chosen as todays best! We bring you some of the hottest summer wedding trends for 2014, from hair and makeup to gowns and flower arrangements, color schemes, themes, venues and more! Here are what we thought to be this years Top 10 Everything to do with Weddings List!

Top 10 Wedding Gowns!

beachweddingdress5traddress6blaskdressdress1dress2 dress8 dress7

Top 10 Bridal HairStyles

floralfashionforward gorg hair4 hair5 hair6 hair8 hair9 shorthair simplybeautiful

Top 10 Bouquets!

flowers flowers1 flowers2 flowers3 flowers4 flowers5 flowers7 flowers8 flowers9 large_image

Top 10 Center Pieces!

flowers6 bircage onabudget original romantic1 simple elegant simple simplebeach vibrant wino

Top 10 Colour Schemes/Themes!

backyard barn bechy boldcolors bright country destination fairytale gardenparty midnightkiss

Top 10 Bridal Makeups!

beachy beachybold boldbride pretty open prettypurple simpledelicate smokey thoseeyes ya yuppo


Top 10 Wedding Venues!

enchantedforest island islander oldbarn outdoor venue venue1 violet beach whitewedding yuppers

Top 10 Places to Honeymoon!

beach damn maldives rockies santorini top-honeymoon-destinations-bellagio_596x334 top-honeymoon-destinations-camino-real-acapulco_596x334 top-honeymoon-destinations-fairmont-chateau_596x334 venice yeds


Top 10 Wedding Cake Designs!

bluecake cake cool crazy cute gold hishers nice purple velvet


We hope you love looking through our photos just as much as we loved collecting them and putting them together for you!  Enjoy ladies 😉

Summer Tips for Great Hair!

Noticing changes in your hair during the summer months? Well here are some helpful tips to maintain healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair during those hot summer nights!!

First things first! Ladies, you will definitely want to start your summer off right with a much needed trim! Eliminate those dry, dead, crispy ends and help your hair look fresh and frizz free! When we let our split, dead ends go on for too long our hair eventually breaks, splits up the shaft and just starts to look drab, but by giving it that quick much needed trim we ensure the nutrients dispurse evenly from root to end allowing our hair to grow longer, stronger, healthier and appear fresh and shiny! And let’s face it, this is what we all want, don’t we?

Next, you will want to ensure you are sheilding those locks from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Find a good hair product containing UV sheilds that can help not only block your locks from harmful rays but also moisturize and repair any damage that has already been done. Colour treated hair? Not a problem! Let’s avoid fading and worn out looking color by slapping on some sun screen for the hair! Try using Kerastase Huile Celeste for a spray on protection that helps to eliminate the negative effects of sun damage, Chlorine and salt water while adding shine and moisture!( wearing a wide brimmed hat also helps!)

Before hopping in to any pool or body of water try wetting your hair down with clean natural water first. Saturating your locks will fill the hair strand preventing unwanted saltwater and pool chemicals to absorb into the cuticle therefore preventing long-term damage from the inside out! Try using Colour Fanatic By Pureology! It is a multitasking hair treatment that provides 21 essential benefits to prime, protect and perfect colour treated hair. This amazing leave-in treatment combines an exclusive “AntiFadeComplex” with Fennel Seed Extract and a natural blend of Camelina, Coconut and Olive Oil not only helping to protect and moisturize but also leaves your hair completely nourished and feel FAB!

Try switching to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for those beautiful summer months! All the sun and dehydration from over washing due to sweat and grime leaves our locks dry and thirsty for some TLC! To keep the hair smooth and silky try Pureology’s Hydration line. Their 100% vegan and sulfate free products are not only guilt free but extremely safe and effective and don’t weigh the hair down. That’s right ladies, moisture AND volume. Using a good purifying shampoo once a week can help rid your hair of any unwanted impurities from pool chemicals to salt water and sweat. Try Pureology’s Purify line for a gentle way to cleanse those tresses without any added stresses!

Avoid as many hot tools on the hair as possible! This can help prevent extra damage and drying out of the hair as well. Since it’s summer and we can get away with it, try some loose braids or twisting your hair into a bun to dry or even let it all hang loose and wild. Allowing the hair to dry naturally can help save the integrity of those beautiful lengths! For additional frizz relief and added moisture, try using some healing oils for the hair such as Pureology’s Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil! Not only will this product restore managability, it equalizes your hairs porosity making it feel soft and lush but also replenishes the protective lipid layer meanwhile protecting your colour vibrancy and adding gorgeous shine!

And last but not least, always remember to stay well hydrated and always stick to healthy nutrition as great health and beauty starts from within! 😉 Stay Fabulous Girls!!

For All Your Pureology needs please visit our website at and place your order online!  Use sales code “CLBNOW15” to save 15% on your entire purchase!!

Prom Hair Inspiration 2014

Sure, you can easily place a headband on top of your prom style but there are nicer ways of bringing something extra to it. If you’re looking to add an accessory to your hair style, try incorporating it INTO the ‘do’. Creating a hair style; whether an up do or simple curls, and bringing you accessory of choice into the style, making it look apart of the look is what makes a beautiful accent, rather than just placing something on top and hoping it may work, this usually makes a style look unfinished.  This stylin’ look combines sexy curls with a touch of retro for a brand new ‘do for your prom of 2014. Even if all you’re looking to do is throw some loose curls for a romantic look, work something a little extra into the mix, for example this photo shows a headband worn over top the head, with the flower place to the heavier side for focus and the other side wrapped into the band to a create a simple side sweep. This style will work for most necklines, and by adding a simple touch, you create a unique look of your own. So give it a try, take your accessory and think of different ways to WEAR it.

-clb team

Wedding Hair Tips

10154068_656342954451117_1104384409_nWedding season is approaching and we know that all is stressful for those brides-to-be out there; here are some tips and pointers to make life a little easier for you.

The first mistake made by many is not scheduling a hair trial for their big day. The best advice we can give when it comes to booking these appointments is book months prior for the wedding day, at least 6 weeks for the hair trial and 2 weeks for a trim and conditioning treatment. All of this preparation will give you ease in the end, there will be no stress over dead straggly ends, you AND your stylist will be prepared for your updo weeks ahead of the set appointment and you won’t have to worry about your stylist or salon not being available for the wedding day because you’ve had it reserved with more than enough time ahead.

Next is DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Find multiple styles that you can see yourself wearing, even if you only like pieces of the style; this will give your stylist a visual idea of what you are looking to create. Schedule enough time to try out 2-3 different styles on your trial day and remember to bring a friend, a second opinion will never hurt to have by your side; just ensure it is someone you trust to be entirely honest with you. Bring a camera with you and have your friend take photos from all angles; doing this will make things easier when it comes to decision-making.

The dress plays a big part! You could have a beautiful dress and beautiful hair, but putting them together is what matters. Harmonizing everything is what makes a beautiful bride; if chosen correctly your stylist will be able to create the perfect overall look just by seeing a photo of the dress, preferably of it on you, but on the hanger works too! Now, for all you soft speakers out there.. This is the time to speak your mind. On your wedding day you could never be too specific, if you don’t like something about the style your stylist is giving you, no offence will be taken by letting him/her know; however don’t be opposed to taking suggestions either, keep in mind your stylist is the professional and may actually be able to improve the look by playing off your ideas.

Stick with the weddings THEME.. It may surprise you but, this will pull the entire wedding together let alone your look. For example if you’re planning to have more of a vintage theme you want to keep your hair very elegant rather than big, busy, and wild. Braids are beautiful but a tight braid around the hairline doesn’t photograph well and often has a tendency to look adolescent. NEVER wear a pullover shirt or sweater to the big appointment, the last thing you want after all that stress and work is to ruin it when it comes time to change into the dress. Stick with a button down or a zip sweater, it’ll make things easier when the time comes.

The most important part is to remember that YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL; it’s your day!

-CLB team

HEALTHY hair starts with a healthy you…


HEALTHY hair starts with a healthy you.Welcoming the new year, we all have our resolutions; most of which don’t last all that long. However when it comes to eating healthy it has more benefits than just a healthier you; it is also where healthy hair and skin starts. This month we’re giving you some tips on how to get the most out of your hair through the kitchen and good products.

First thing is first; both dry and oily hair can be caused by the same simple problem; washing too often!! The recommended washes per week is 2-3 times. If you’re suffering from dry hair, you might notice you need a little extra moisturizing through out the week; simple fix. Don’t be afraid to run some conditioner through the ends when you feel you need it, especially in the colder weather it is always good to keep the hair moisturized. A good serum is never a bad idea either; for example Pureology’s shine max, or precious oil care serums are perfect for dry hair that needs a little more attention. Dry hair can be a result from eating fatty, sugary foods lacking the vitamins and minerals the hair requires in order to grow strong and healthily. As far as oily hair goes; try steering clear of fatty, oily foods. As hard as it may be, it is recommended to hold off the excessive washing even with oily hair; you’re hair will eventually begin to work with the stretched washing routine. To say the least, a good wash comes with a good product. Washing once a week or two with Pureology’s purify shampoo paired with the hydrate shampoo and conditioner should help tame those over produced oils.

A healthy diet plays a big part; we’ll tip you in on some finds that encourage healthy hair growth, as well as some other benefits that may play into healthy skin care. Foods such as Salmon, herring, sardines, avocado, and pumpkin seeds; are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which the body needs in order to promote hair growth; this is also something our body doesn’t produce much of on its own. These foods contain selenium, which protects hair and skin from sun exposure. As far as salmon goes; BE CAREFUL, make sure you’re buying wild salmon, not farmed!! Walnuts are also rich in omega-3’s; in fact the only nut with a significant amount. They are also rich in biotin and vitamin E. Much like the others above, walnuts are also excellent as a sun protectant, as well as protecting cells from DNA damage. Another mineral found in walnuts is copper, which keeps natural colour looking rich. Use walnut oil in your salads and cooking rather than canola or other oils. It is good to eat foods high in protein, like eggs and meats, for without it the body can not reproduce the hair from daily loss, and if it does it could be very dry and brittle. Like oysters for example which are also an excellent source of zinc, which protects against hair loss. Foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, and mangoes have an antioxidant called beta carotene, of which our body produces into vitamin A; protecting and producing oils that maintain the scalp, freeing us of dry, and itchy skin. Blueberries have been called the “vitamin C superheroes”. Vitamin C protects the hair from breakage, some other foods high in the C are kiwi, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and strawberries.

So why not start the new year off right, not only for your body, but for all the benefits that come along with eating well. There is never a bad time to start taking care of yourself, so take the challenge; we assure you’ll be happy with the results.

Colour Max


Colour Max contains UV filters and Pureology’s AntiFade Complex. Use Colour Max on dry hair and comb in before you go out in the sun to block free-radical damage. Also, this protective spray evens out porosity in sun-damaged or hi-lighted hair. With aromatherapy blend of wild rose and sandalwood, this spray is perfect for summer.

Hair Thinning

Let’s face it. Hair thinning and loss can be a private panic for most women – and men. 

webmd_rf_photo_of_hair_loss_chartImagine if you will, the first time your client looked in the mirror or caught their reflection in a store window and truly realized it was serious. They couldn’t dismiss it any longer. The panic sets in.

That moment is not just about vanity. Hair thinning and loss evokes a physiological reaction, one that can result in a loss of self-esteem, perhaps cause depression, anxiety and lead to other emotional issues. For many, our hair is what makes us feel beautiful, youthful and well, healthy.

Being professionals, we want to help. But perhaps we aren’t sure where to start, or even how to identify the many factors that are attributed to hair thinning and loss. 

As a national educator on the topic, I’ve come across countless stylists and salon owners that ask me just that – how can they help their clients navigate the sometimes-complicated waters of “why” this is happening to them. And second, how can they help them find a solution?

To begin, we must understand that hair thinning and loss can be attributed to many factors and, often, combinations of those factors. Generally speaking, they may include:

 – Genetic predisposition (family history of hair loss)
 – Stress and trauma (constriction of blog supply; poor vitamin assimilation)
 – Nutrition and diet (high consumption of animal fats)
 – Health issues (thyroid imbalance)
 – Medication (side effect caused by chemotherapy or other medications)
 – Environment (pseudo-estrogens and pseudo-androgens)
 – Chemical damage (incorrect chemical processes applied to hair)

Most of these initial factors lead to a “miniaturization” of the hair, when hair follicle deterioration caused by pollutants or toxins caused individual hairs to become smaller and finer, until the follicle remain in the “resting” phase and is totally dormant. 

Sound confusing? It’s Ok. We are here to help. You can stop by our salon Char Le Blanc Salon & Spa so we can answer any questions you have.