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Did you Know that Hair Changes?

Do you have any of these hair issues?repair-damaged-hair



Little do you know, your biggest hair concerns could be because your hair is aging. We hate to admit it, but things change and not always for the better. It’s not that we mind getting a bit older; it’s that we want to look fabulous doing it.

Here’s why your hair changes.
Just as skin ages, so does your hair. Visible signs of aging hair appear as early as your 20’s.

As you age, issues such as sun damage, chemical processing, coloring, sulfates and hot tool damage become front and center. Hair has less elasticity making it more fragile. The scalp produces less sebum causing dryness and dullness, while thickening of the cuticle makes hair feel wiry, frizzy and coarse. You can lack volume and body as the hair shaft contracts and protein diminishes. Slower growth rates and hormonal changes can cause thinning. You may color more often and need to protect that color.

How can you make sure your hair stays fabulous through your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond?

-Avoid products that are damaging to the hair. This means using sulfate-free shampoos and products with added protection built in.

– Avoid over exposure to the sun as it can breakdown the chemical bonds in hair. Use products that have UV protectors to reduce the risk of damage.

-Keep hair moisturized so that it maintains a healthy elasticity and experiences less breakage. It will also up the shine factor which is always a plus.

We recommand using Pureology Shampoo, Conditionner and Mask!

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